MoForever Alumni News Winter 2021

25 | MoForever Winter 2021 ALUMNI UPDATE DIVERSITY MoFo alumna Danielle Coleman’s “love of law, ambition, and pursuit of excellence” combined with her “compassion for those in need and strong desire to give back to others” recently earned her recognition from the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) as a 2020 Rising Star. The MCCA, which promotes the hiring, retention, and promotion of diverse lawyers, acknowledges Rising Stars as lawyers whose accomplishments and dedication to the legal profession and to their community earn them the reputation as “attorneys to watch." Danielle currently serves as Senior Litigation Counsel at the cloud computing and virtualization technology company VMware, where she oversees global commercial and intellectual property disputes. Her continued dedication to tackling a wide range of issues to advance equity and racial justice makes her not just an attorney to watch but also one to admire, emulate, and highlight in our Diversity Update. The MoFo Experience: Camaraderie & Growth While at MoFo, Danielle’s active participation in pro bono and affinity groups supported by the firm provided opportunities for her development and growth beyond those afforded during her day-to-day practice. DANIELLE COLEMAN: HOPE IS HER SUPERPOWER IN ADVOCATING FOR EQUITY AND RACIAL JUSTICE