MoForever Alumni News - Summer 2020

5 | MoForever Summer 2020 General Atlantic invests in four global sectors: consumer, financial services, healthcare, and technology. Where are your main responsibilities? GA identifies sectors likely to produce significant growth and then partners with leading companies in those sectors to accelerate that growth. I oversee each phase of every deal in all sectors throughout China and Southeast Asia, from the initial NDA to closing, including coordinating outside counsel. I also collaborate with our New York office to ensure our global legal and compliance standards are met in China and Southeast Asia. I monitor GA’s involvement in the operation of our portfolio companies and ensure our legal rights and obligations in the companies are properly exercised and fulfilled as well. Could you describe a typical day for us? Each day is unique. I focus on supporting the portfolio on a daily basis, in addition to working on new deal opportunities that arise or follow-on investments. Every day, I also proactively educate myself about any legal developments that correspond to the new businesses we invest in. What advice can you give other GCs to help them guide their organizations through globalization? Think ahead and embrace legal and regulatory changes that are based on changing business models. Understand the regulatory frameworks in all the jurisdictions in which your clients operate. Major developments in legal requirements correspond to the rise of the digital economy; regulations around data protection and IT security are examples. New business models, like those adopted by Uber and Airbnb, also prompt new laws and regulations. Cultivate the vision to foresee legal developments in those areas based on your experience. It’s impossible these days to not talk about COVID-19. How has the pandemic impacted your work? In recent months, we’ve seen that technology adoption has significantly accelerated, and with this accelerated move to digital platforms and economies, growth enablement has become more important than ever. GA plays a key role as a growth investor during this pandemic, particularly as the needs of high-growth companies’ shift and CEOs and entrepreneurs look