MoForever Alumni News Fall 2021

MoForever Fall 2021 | 6 they were willing to open doors for me. And I’ve been willing to make changes that on paper might have looked sudden or risky, but have worked out well. So people can offer to open the door for you, but you have to decide to walk through it and make the most of it.” Pro Bono Work Proved to Be Rewarding During her time at MoFo, Sai became a robust pro bono contributor. “I always tried to have at least one active pro bono matter going,” she said. “I worked on an asylum case for an undocumented trans woman. I worked on a prison administration case to get an innocent inmate out of solitary confinement. I helped an organization in D.C. complete a 501(c)(3) process. Those were all rewarding experiences and a way to explore different areas of law.” Pro bono work still inspires Sai, who now lives in the Bay Area of California. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she partnered with Bay Area Community Services (BACS), an organization focused on providing services to unhoused people in the form of short-term shelter and supportive housing. BACS developed a “House a Year” Program, an initiative that purchases existing homes and converts them into permanent, affordable housing to promote housing equality. Sai strongly supports BACS’s mission. “The fact that we let our fellow community members remain unhoused is an incredible moral and political failure of our time. “I ALWAYS TRIED TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE ACTIVE PRO BONO MATTER GOING...THOSE WERE ALL REWARDING EXPERIENCES AND A WAY TO EXPLORE DIFFERENT AREAS OF LAW.”